Cosmetic Surgery Beverly Hills

Dr. Mani’s Artwork

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Medical illustrations for Dr. Mani’s article “Total Composite Facelift” in Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Standing Nude, 2011   Portrait of a boy2     frankforweb

“Awakening” (2011)     “Portrait of a Boy” (1977)      “Legend and Ephemera” (2016)

Above are examples of artwork by Dr. Mani, a top plastic surgery specialist in Beverly Hills. The first three are medical illustrations for an upcoming article detailing his Total Composite Flap facelift technique. The fourth hangs in his waiting room, and the fifth is a pencil drawing he did at age 9. Performing plastic surgery well requires an aesthetic eye. Hence, natural artistic and precise “drafting” skills are the hallmark of the best plastic surgeons. Combined with excellent dexterity and the right training and experience, they generate consistently beautiful results – and, most importantly, happy patients.