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Liposuction Weight Loss Surgery in Beverly Hills


Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that can reduce or eliminate surplus subcutaneous fat in the following areas of the body:

  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Face
  • Neck

One of the safest and most popular cosmetic procedures currently performed, liposuction continues to become more advanced with the development of new techniques and technology.

Dr. Marc Mani is a leading Beverly Hills liposuction surgeon that has sculpted the bodies of numerous patients in his many years of practice. He is not only technically skilled in the latest techniques, but also artistically inclined, following the principles of balance and proportion for beautiful results.

Am I a Candidate for Liposuction?

It’s important to understand that liposuction is used for fat reduction, but it is not weight loss surgery. Overweight or obese individuals do not make suitable candidates for surgery. If you are considering liposuction, you should be at, or close to, your ideal weight. You should be in good physical and psychological health and free of any chronic, uncontrolled medical issues that could raise the surgical risks. For the best results, you should have good skin tone and elasticity, which will help your skin contract over your newly contoured area after surgery.

To determine whether you are a suitable candidate for liposuction, please schedule an informational consultation with Dr. Mani. Call our office at (310) 203-0511 to set up an appointment.

The Liposuction Consultation

The consultation is a good opportunity to accomplish several objectives: a) Dr. Mani will determine whether you are a good liposuction candidate; b) you will learn more about the procedure; and c) both of you will discuss your liposuction goals/expectations.

Dr. Mani will perform a physical examination of the area(s) of your body you wish to have treated. He will note the tone and elasticity of your skin, and ask you to describe your ideal outcome. He will ask you questions about your health status and medical history, including medications you take and previous surgeries.

You can ask questions about the procedure and bring up any concerns you may have. Dr. Mani will discuss how he plans to approach your case, and he will make you aware of the possible (and rare) complications, including contour irregularities, skin discoloration, asymmetry and scar tissue.

If you decide to move forward and schedule your procedure, you will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare (i.e., avoiding certain medications).

Liposuction Surgical Details

Liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis at our accredited surgical facility. General anesthesia will be administered prior to surgery. Depending on the number of treatment areas, the procedure can take an hour or more.

Dr. Mani will make small (less than half of an inch) incisions in the treatment area(s). He will insert a thin, hollow tube called a cannula through the incisions and move it back and forth to break up the fatty tissue. Then, the fat is removed from the body using gentle suction. Dr. Mani will close the incisions with sutures and place a special surgical garment that provides support to the newly contoured tissues.

Recovering from Liposuction

Swelling and bruising are common after liposuction and will subside within approximately two weeks. It is also normal for the incision site to feel numb, burn or tingle. The support garment will help apply pressure, minimize swelling and assist in the retraction of the skin.

In the beginning of your recovery, you will need to refrain from strenuous activity as your body heals. You should take short walks at first and slowly increase your activity level until resuming full activity two to four weeks after surgery. Patients heal at a different pace but generally return to office work three to five days after surgery and physically demanding jobs 10 to 14 days after surgery.

Avoid sun exposure until post-operative bruising has resolved; decreased sensation can make it more likely to become sunburned.

Liposuction Results

You will see results almost immediately, and they will improve as the swelling subsides. You will feel leaner, more attractive and more confident with your new curves and contours. You may find that you prefer wearing more body-conscious clothing styles.

Liposuction results are permanent. If you were to gain a significant amount of weight in the future, you may see rippling in the treated area, depending on your skin elasticity. To maintain your results, stay at a stable weight.

Liposuction scars may appear red and possibly raised for 8 to 12 weeks following surgery; then they will become pale, flat and soft. Dr. Mani will do everything he can so that scarring is inconspicuous (please alert him if you are prone to keloid scars).



Liposuction Beverly Hills Liposuction is not a weight-loss solution. This procedure works best for patients who are near their goal weight but have some stubborn pockets of fat that are impediments to having attractive contours. Although you will technically weigh a bit less after removing fat cells with liposuction, your best bet for seeing results on the scale is with diet and exercise — or perhaps bariatric surgery if you are obese. 


Although less invasive procedures have become trendy, there is no comparison when it comes to the results. Liposuction remains the best procedure for recontouring your body because surgery can remove a higher percentage of unwanted fat cells. While the word “surgery” may conjure certain ideas, liposuction boasts a shorter and easier recovery than other types of plastic surgery, making it a more worthwhile option for many patients. 


The treated areas of your body will be noticeably slimmer immediately, but full results can take a few months to manifest. This gradual improvement occurs as the swelling, a normal side effect of surgery, subsides to reveal your best contours.


Ideally, when Dr. Mani performs liposuction, your skin will retract to fit snuggly around your new body shape. However, as you age, your body naturally produces less collagen and elastin, proteins that are pivotal in keeping your skin supple and tight. Therefore, loose skin is a possibility in patients with poor skin elasticity. Dr. Mani will examine the condition of your skin during the consultation phase to give you a realistic idea of what your skin will look like after liposuction. If he feels like sagging skin may be a problem, he may propose combining liposuction with a skin tightening procedure like abdominoplasty. 


Liposuction costs vary from one patient to the next. Relevant factors include the number of areas treated, the size of the areas treated, and the amount of fat that is being removed. When you meet with Dr. Mani for a consultation, he can provide a quote after devising a customized surgical plan. Because liposuction is an elective procedure, it is not covered by insurance plans.


Liposuction Los AngelesGaining a few pounds should not significantly affect the results you have achieved with liposuction. However, a more dramatic increase in weight can alter the proportions of your body. Since the fat cells removed during liposuction are gone permanently, surplus calories are stored in fat cells in other areas of your body instead. This is why Dr. Mani encourages you to, as best you can, maintain a steady weight after your surgery.


Cellulite is a dimpling on the skin that is most common on women’s thighs and buttocks. While liposuction is beloved for its ability to transform the contours of your body, it is unfortunately ineffective when it comes to cellulite reduction.

Schedule a Liposuction Consultation

To learn more about liposuction and what it entails, please contact Dr. Mani and schedule a one-on-one consultation. Call our office at (310) 203-0511 or send us an email today.

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