Dr. Marc Mani has returned to a very busy schedule at his Beverly Hills aesthetic surgery practice.  After six months in an ungated federal facility in the beautiful Arizona desert following his single Foreign Bank Account Reporting sentencing in September, he wishes to thank his loyal patients and looks forward to taking care of the many of them who have waited for him. 

Mani states, “I am human and seven years ago I made a mistake which I learned from.  For purposes of education I do want to clarify that, unlike what was widely reported, I was following the advice of my accountant throughout the relevant years.  This is reflected in the legal documents but not in the media. Please pay your taxes and if you are uncomfortable with the advice of your accountant then look elsewhere. I have a strong legal case against the particular individual who advised me but choose to take responsibility and put this all behind me, moving forward with love for my work and my patients.

What may from the outside have seemed like a difficult time was quite easy for me and I felt nothing but love from my wonderful patients, staff, and most of all family, and I want to say how much I love you all back.  They say in situations like this you find out who your real friends are and I was humbled to find that I had more real friends than I ever imagined.

I have been lucky to travel, work, and lecture all over the world and know that although it has its problems – which I learned a lot about first-hand – the United States has no match anywhere, and I love this country more than ever.  

Most of all my experience confirmed what I have believed all my life, which is that human beings evolved to take care of each other in adverse situations, and as someone who is often asked about beauty I can say with assurance that this is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

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